“We need a voice!”
Tonia McMillian, Bellflower


We need a voice!

“I got into the child care field because I feel like I have a gift for caring for children. I also have a strong desire to teach.  And these are some of the same reasons I got involved with CCP UNITED.  I want other providers in my state to see and embrace the wonderful work we have done through our union, and to fully understand the impact of what we are doing.  We are making a difference, and I am so proud of the work CCP UNITED has done.  I’m proud of it because CCP UNITED is ME.  It’s me and the other child care providers who have marched, rallied, written and called legislators, and participated in countless other actions to ensure that California’s young children get the quality child care they need.

We need a voice with the state. With that voice we could demand respect from elected leaders for the vocation we chose.  When they are making critical decisions about budgets and other matters- we want them to count US in.  And the only way we’ll get that is through an official voice with the state.”

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